Post 10: August 22nd, 2016

Another week, another return to school work. Let’s go!


First up, art history. Looked at more of the techniques used in art, today focusing on paintings. Specifically, tempera paint, gold painting, and oil based painting.


Tempera paint is essentially dyes mixed with egg yoke, in order to create paint.

Gold painting is using a thin sheet of paint in your painting, in order to add extra flair and meaning. Because gold was, obviously, kinda expensive, it would lend extra meaning to whatever in the painting was golden.

Oil based painting is where you mix dyes with specific kinds of oil. I’m not sure what to say, that’s… that’s the best way to put it. You can do some cool stuff with oil based paint, I’d say that it’s pretty popular even today.


Next up, Oceanography. Learned about some interesting stuff, like how half of the ocean levels rising is due to the fact that the water itself is getting warmer. Most things expand when they get warmer, and a lot of water expanding naturally has a noticeable effect.


Lastly, Monkey. We’ve met two more companions on the journey to the west, although one is stretching the definition of companion.

Dragon: “I ate their horse because I was hungry!”

Kuan-yin: “Well now you’re going to be their horse!”


Dragon┬áHorse: “…ok.”


And then when they try to get shelter, they come across a farm where apparently the youngest daughter of the farmer has been taken captive by a monster. A pig monster. Monkey decides to beat the crap out of him, and Pigsy runs away. Because, really, he realizes that he probably can’t beat monkey, the “great sage equal to heaven”. You don’t mess with people that have really long titles.

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