Post 11: August 23rd, 2016

First up, Art History. Rapidly approaching the end of the basic course, and there were 2 things I learned about that stuck out to me.

The first thing was framing. That is, framing paintings. There’s actually a lot more that goes into it than I thought, which includes material of the frame, texture of the frame, and even the style. A frame for a landscape painting might be structured like a window, to make it look like it’s past the frame. A different kind of painting might have a frame that makes it extrude from the wall. It’s a complicated thing.

Next up, printmaking. Can be done with wood blocks or linoleum, wood blocks having more texture but linoleum having nice solid colors. What you do for it is you carve the surface of your chosen material using special tools, making little indentations and shapes. Then you roll on ink, put a piece of paper on your print block, press it down, pull it off, and bingo, got a print. Also, make everything backwards on the print block. Because the actual print is a mirror image of the print block. So, be really careful if your writing for printmaking…


Second order of business for the day, oceanography. Learned some interesting stuff today. For one, in some areas the ocean is heating up, and in others it’s cooling. This is due to climate change. Also, there’s a lot of marine life that’s affected by climate change. It can be summed up as such.

“Huh. It’s a little cold. Wait, it’s getting a bit warmer… little bit more… Ah, perfect! Man, this is great and… okay, it’s a lot warmer now. Not too bad, could be worse… I think I’m cooking a little bit. Too hot. TOO HOT!”


And last up, sociology. Learned about how there are different core values in different cultures. For example, one of our American core values is achievement, and that it’s your own fault if you can’t succeed. There’s also equality, that everybody is essentially equal, and group superiority, that some groups of people are better than others… as the book points out, this is contradictory, but unfortunately true. It’s pointed out a lot that sociology often uncovers some ugly truths.

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