Post 12: August 24th, 2016

The first matter of the day, art history. And I am proud to say that I am finally done!

With the basic course.

Hey, it’s a start. Learned about some cool stuff, like lithography. Basically, you put ink and grease on a stone in a certain pattern, press it just right, and you get an image. Cool process, a little difficult to explain, however.


Next up, oceanography. I learned about how temperature changes in the ocean can cause problems with the mixing of ocean water (because different things are usually not inclined to mix, IE warm water and cold water), and how the ocean is growing more acidic, causing problems for marine life but making it easier for some other specimens.


Lastly, more Monkey. 2 new companions have joined, those being Pigsy and Sandy. Monkey would have had a much easier time getting them to join if he just said “Hi, I’m the disciple of the scripture seeker. Help us out.”

Kuan-Yin even points it out after he spends 2 days trying to deal with sandy. Tells him to stop mucking around, and be upfront about who he is and what he’s doing instead of getting into fights all the time. By this point, he really should take notice that telling people he’s a scripture seeker makes his life a lot easier.

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