Post 13: August 25th, 2016

First order of business today, more art history. However, I have moved from basic… To way more basic! In other words, the history of prehistoric art. Charcoal on cave walls, and I learned some interesting stuff. For example, in the Apollo 11 cave, there’s a rock with what looks like an animal attached to it, but it has features from a bunch of different animals, like horns, human like feet, but also some bovine traits. People speculate it might be some kind of early mythological creature.


Second up, oceanography. My big takeaway from today? The EAC. To un-acronym that, the East Australian current. Perhaps better remembered as the thing from Finding Nemo with the turtles. It’s pretty important, as a lot of ocean life is affected by the current, and how it moves water around.


Lastly, I’ve finished the second chapter of my sociology textbook. It’s pretty good so far, and this chapter covered some interesting topics. For example, it covered how in today’s world, cultures mix a lot, and there’s barely any isolation. It showed a very interesting picture, wherein there are some people returning from a hunt, dressed in traditional garb, face paint… and shorts, with designs and logos on them. It certainly gives some food for thought.

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