Post 14: August 26th, 2016

First up, art history. Learned about the Venus of Willendorf, a very, very early sculpture of a nude woman. The only reason it was named as such is because it was interpreted by the people that found it as possibly an idol meant to symbolize a fertility goddess. The goddess Venus was not known when the figure was created.


Next, Oceanography. Finished part 3 of the course, and I learned about how ocean life can adapt to the environment, or even change environment if it becomes unsuitable. Additionally, I learned about how that kind of thing affects us as people. Certainly makes it harder to eat sea life if it moves away.


Last, more monkey. Tripitaka, upon spending the night in a temple, has a ghost visit him in the night. It’s the ghost of an emperor that has been disposed by a wizard that killed him in cold blood, and the wizard transformed himself into the emperor to take his place. The emperor mentions that since the wizard has a lot of friends in the underworld, he can’t go to them for help. So, he instead goes to Tripitaka and his group after being advised by another spirit, The Spirit that Wanders at Night. Cool name. Anyways, dream ends, Tripitaka and the group hatch a plan to convince the prince’s son that his father has been replaced, and it goes off successfully. The prince sneaks back to the palace to see his mother, and… that’s where the chapter ends. Ah well.

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