Post 16: August 30th, 2016

Today’s first matter was Art History. Specifically, Stonehenge. Rather impressive, and kinda cool how it lines up with the summer solstice. I do find the construction a bit humorous though. They start making it, decide it’s good enough, and that’s the end of that. A hundred years later, they add onto it, making it more impressive. Five-hundred years later or so, they add even more onto it, remove some pieces, and bury their dead.


Secondarily, Oceanography. I learned about a couple different things, like how good sustainable development means that you can do what you need to do in the present, without screwing over people in the future. Also, certain things can make species very vulnerable to extinction, like little reproduction and maturity, and not being very widespread. If something happens to the area they live in, they don’t have any relatives elsewhere to carry on the species.


Thirdly, Sociology. Today, I looked at a fair bit of “nature vs. nurture”, essentially whether inborn traits are stronger or weaker than learned characteristics. My conclusion?

Eh. Both play a part, from what I can see. Twins were raised in completely different circumstances, ended up having different political and religious leanings, but they shared some of the same hobbies, like sneezing in crowded elevators to scare people. Also, a different set of twins that were separated, and became firefighters.


Lastly, Monkey. To summarize today’s chapter, the quartet get on with their journey to the west, and come across a country ruled by Taoists where all the Buddhists are essentially treated like slaves. Why? A bunch of years ago a drought came, and both the Buddhists and the Taoists prayed for it to be fixed. Then 3 Taoist immortals/magicians came, solved the problem, and said to the king of the country “Ay, yo, those Buddhists suck. They asked for an end to the drought, and nothing happened. We fixed the drought. They’re worshiping false gods, so tear down their temples, paint portraits of them so that they can’t run away, and make them do all the hard labor in the kingdom.”

The king agreed to this, and Monkey found out about it from the Buddhists. To make a long chapter short, Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy enter a Taoist temple after interrupting a celebration by making the lights go out, and eat all the offerings. However, someone that forgot something at the temple goes back, hears them in the dark, and tells the 3 immortals about the infiltrators in their temple.

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