Post 4: August 12th, 2016

Today’s first thing was art history. Continuing with the khan academy course and briefly looking over the glossary section. Mostly because it is a glossary of terms discussed, and I’d probably forget the terms by the time I reach what they’re talking about. I continue onto the next section, however, and learned about Egyptian art, as well as Greek and Roman art.


The second thing was oceanography, and I finished the first part of that course. The final assessment wasn’t too difficult, although I did spend a while studying and reviewing for it. Old habits die hard, I guess.


Third was monkey, and I have reached the end of the prologue. Pretty good so far, and can be summed up as follows:

Basically everybody: “Have monkey executed!”

Monkey then proceeds to not die. A lot. Stabbing, fire, lightning, nothing.

Lao Tzu then proceeds to stick monkey in a crucible to melt him to death.

It doesn’t work, needless to say. Although it would have been an impressive way to go out, like a terminator.

Monkey gets out of the crucible after a very, very long time, and causes another ruckus in heaven. And then the Buddha shows up, makes a bet with monkey, and the Buddha wins. Monkey is a sore loser, however, so the Buddha traps him under a mountain. That he makes out of his fingers. And then further seals it so that he can breathe, eat, and drink, but can’t stick head or hand out of it.┬áThe end.




Of part 1.


And, I read through a little bit of two math books. Trying to figure out what I’m going to do for math this year, although one of them seems to be asking to be kicked out. Test on the first page, I swear…

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