Post 6: August 16th, 2016

First order of business: Oceanography! A bit delayed, due to having to restart my computer a couple of times, one from slowdown and the other from updates… but it was informative, once I got to it. Iron and carbon are important in the ocean. That’s the jist of it.

Next up: Art History: I did more than I usually do, on account of wanting to finish the current section, and I covered a bunch of stuff, including baroque, rococo, the nineteenth and 20th centuries, and contemporary art. In other words, modern day art! Pretty cool so far, the section I finished was actually really good, and kept my attention the whole way through.

Lastly, sociology. I finally reached the end of chapter 1, after what felt like forever. Binged the last pages of the introduction, and now I hope I’ll be able to get into more specific stuff. I don’t mind an overview of information, but unless you do it in short bursts like I was doing previously, it jumps around a lot.

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