Post 7: August 17th, 2016

First order of business, Art History. I’ve started watching a series of videos, still in the Khan Academy course, about different ways to understand art. One such way is to constantly ask question about the art, like “Well why is x doing this?”, or “why did the author draw x like this?”.

Second up, Oceanography. Still the same course, this time I learned about technology used by oceanographers and marine biologists, and ocean circulation.

The two highlights of this that I learned:

A: Tracking tags are really, really useful, since it allows you to track an animal’s exact position, including depth, and including places that people might not be able to go.

B: Dissolved carbon doesn’t change water enough to really affect water currents.

Part 3, Sociology. Learned about the different kinds of culture, like material culture and non-material culture. Material culture is the physical stuff, like utensils or weapons (note: some overlap may exist), while non-material culture is the symbols and gestures and language. Like waving at somebody, or just talking.

Lastly, more Monkey. It’s still good and entertaining, although I’m finding myself a little concerned with the afterlife. I mean, it practically has a revolving door. Last 4 chapters, 4 people have come back to life after dying. It’s a little bit concerning, to be frank. But hey, you know what? The journey is actually starting! Woohoo!

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