Post 8: August 18th, 2016

The first order of business today was Art History, and I got a lot done. I’ve finished with the “Tools for Understanding Art” part of the course, and now all that seems to be left aside from the glossary is the “Materials & Techniques” part, so we’re nearing the end! Covered a lot of stuff in this course, even though it wasn’t in much depth.


Next up, Oceanography! Looked at the movement of the earth’s plates, and how that can affect many marine matters, along with how waves function and how water in general can mix together among different temperatures and energy levels.


Last up, Monkey. Read a lot today, and the journey finally started, albeit not pleasantly. Our traveler, Tripitaka, sets out with two escorts… and they are immediately eaten. You’ll be missed, whatever your names were…

Next up, he is saved by a deity and told to keep going. He meets a friendly hunter that saves him from animals, escorts him a ways further, where they come across Monkey’s mountain. Tripitaka frees him, sends the hunter back home, and Monkey accompanies Tripitaka on his journey to the west.

He’s very impressed by Monkey’s ability to deal with the wildlife, and not so happy when Monkey kills some bandits that were going to kill them.

Tripitaka: “Hey monkey, you really shouldn’t kill bandits. I mean, they’re people too.”

Monkey: “…”

Tripitaka: “…what?”

Monkey: “…Speciest.”


Monkey leaves, and goes to have tea with a dragon. Tripitaka travels a bit, meets with Kuan-Yin, who tells him to give Monkey a hat, and teaches him a scripture which makes the hat get really, really tight and hurts the brain.


Monkey comes back after deciding to help Tripitaka, and puts on the hat. Tripitaka recites the scripture, and shows Monkey who the boss is. And so, now that Monkey has been nerfed, it’s time to continue the journey to the west!



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