Post 18: September 1st, 2016

A new month, and… not a new week of school. Just the middle of the week. Not even really the middle since it’s Thursday… not a very eventful start to the month.

However, there is a big event… I’ve finished the Open2study Oceanography course!

*Fireworks of various shapes and colors that aren’t nearly as spectacular as you expect*

It was pretty good overall, and it had a lot of good information. The last things I learned were about tagging and tracking animals and how that translates to figuring out the total population, species of animals that migrate a lot for reasons like mating, and managing resources in the arctic.


Before that, I did more art history. Most important of that, I learned about Cuneiform. What is Cuneiform, you may ask? Why, it’s the first written language. Made by pressing into wet clay, it’s purpose… was to manage resources, like heads of cattle or wheat. It does look kind of cool, even though it’s completely incomprehensible to me.


Lastly, which I need to say because of the weird order this time, Sociology. Today, I learned about emotions. Emotions are very useful for impersonating┬ábeing an absolutely normal human being. There are 6 emotions that are believed to be universal among the human race, those being anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. We know that they’re universal in part because even blind people will make the same facial expressions that others would when feeling the same emotion. I also learned about the development of reasoning and how it advances as time goes on, from very basic to understanding abstract concepts.

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