Post 19: September 2nd, 2016

Well, Today wasn’t really that eventful. In art history, I learned about the hierarchy in very early societies, and some of their art. Like a piece of art that had different rows, with more important subjects being placed at the top.


And then… there was game design. Yes, I’ve decided to start a game design course on Udemy. Link is Here.

It’s pretty good so far, although it does have a lot of downloading that needs to be done. Multiple hours worth of stuff, including installing and restarting your computer. I also went through the first real programming task, making a computer program that says “Hello World”. It took me a very long time, because apparently I was using C# instead of C++, which are close to each other in the menu. My thought process was “C-something, let’s go!”

That took up a lot of my day, but I am excited to continue with the course.

Author: Carl Hall

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