Post 21: September 7th, 2016

Art history was the first thing I did today. The main thing that stuck with me was Hammurabi, and a Stele in which is his law code was inscribed. Also on the stele was an image on Hammurabi receiving symbols of authority from one of the gods, in order to show that his rule was divine. Apparently, he was also a notorious micro-manager, which isn’t too important but I think it’s a cool little bit of information.


Next up, game design. I learned about Unreal engine a bit, and learned how to change a project so that a level will always show up when you open the program, instead of having to load it up when you click on the project. Pretty useful to have. I also did the most important thing… download more updates! Joy…


Lastly, Sociology. Today, I looked at the meaning of gender in society, agents of socialization, and how the world around us affects our development.

First, Gender socialization. Basically, learning the role of a gender in society, with the help of agents of socialization. Basically, anything that teaches or reinforces a gender role. Friends, family, mass media, and everything.

Then, development. People tend to be influenced in different ways depending on how they were raised, like how people will raise their children in a way that would suit them for the parent’s career, like working class parents raising their children to follow orders.

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