Post 23: September 9th, 2016

Like usual, I started off with Art History. Finished off looking at the ancient near east civilizations with… the Persians!

First of all, they had a big empire. Really, really big, and they actually did something interesting with the people they conquered. They didn’t try to change them. They let them keep their culture, language, writing, etc, and even allowed them to keep official records in their own language, not the Persian’s. The Persians did however require tribute, but the tribute was up to the people giving it, allowing Persia to have resources from all over the empire, including stuff for making art.


Next up, Game Design. Today, I moved on to the next section of the course, creating a game called Bull and Cow. It’s basically a word guessing game, wherein you enter letters, and the system will tell you if you got a correct letter in the right space, or a correct letter in the wrong space. The core of what I learned today, however, was setting things up. Namely, projects and solutions. Projects are contained inside solutions, and projects themselves contain different files and sub-folders. It’s a bit complicated, and took me a couple of tries to set up properly.


Lastly, I am proud to say that I have finished reading Monkey. The end can be summarized as follows: Tripitaka and the group go back to china, share the scrolls, and are brought up to heaven. Monkey and Tripitaka are made in Buddhas, Sandy is made into an Arhat, the horse is made into one of the heavenly dragons, and Pigsy… is appointed altar cleaner. It’s better than what he was doing before.

I’ve gotta say, it was really interesting to read. I think that the story was good, although the writing style was a little odd by modern standards. Some of the morals and examples of good behavior are a little odd by current standards. For example, Pigsy and Sandy. Both of them were banished to earth after once living in heaven, and for different reasons. Pigsy got drunk at a banquet and slept with a fairy girl, while Sandy… broke a glass dish. Monkey had a pretty good reason for his banishment and imprisonment, in that he was incredibly powerful and tried to rebel against heaven.

I recommend reading it, if you’re ever in the mood for a long book about going westward with a bunch of animals.

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