Post 29: September 19th, 2016

First thing today was art history, as usual. Learned something interesting about Nebamun. After his death, many years later, a new king took over. He established a different religion, in which there was one true god, and aside from ushering in a style of art, he had some… ideas about previous monuments. On Nebamun’s signed works, half of his name was scratched out. Why? Well, Amun is one of the egyptian gods, and wasn’t the “true” god, Aten. The king at the time ordered that the name of all other gods be struck from monuments, and because Amun was the last half of Nebamun, Nebamun was then known simply as Neb.


Next, game design. The course is still good, and I learned about loops! Loops, how fun, how much fun. Better than just repeating functions, and can be controlled with an integer. I also cleaned up my code quite a bit, spacing things out to my liking and style, and got rid of side effects in the code. Overall, it looks a lot nicer now than it did.


Lastly, Sociology. Learned about roles, and how they relate to statuses. Simply, a status is what you are, a role is what you do. You are a rock star, and you are expected to perform at concerts, that kind of thing. Another important thing is the difference between functionalist and conflict perspectives.

Here’s my understanding of it. Functionalist perspective is: The primary goal of society is to survive, so social institutions and groups are established for that purpose, and related purposes. Conflict theory is similar, however, they believe that instead of working together, groups control institutions for their own personal gain, instead of the good of society as a whole.


Sounds a little conspiracy theory-ish.

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