Post 33: September 28th, 2016

Started as usual with Art History. I’ve finished with Aegean art, which had a very section on golden masks, and moved on to Greek art. I have to say, there are some interesting things that they did with Greek art. For example, idealized images of male beauty were sculpted in the nude, and used as grave markers. Additionally, after Alexander the great forewent a beard, a ton of people had themselves depicted without a beard.


Next up, Game Design. I finally have it set up so that it will conditionally loop the game, if you say you want to play again. There’s still no real gameplay, but you can keep guessing what nothing is forever, if you say yes, Yes, or anything beginning with a capital or lowercase Y. I’ve also learned some about classes, and I’ve done a bit more blueprinting for what I want to game to be able to do.


Lastly, Sociology. I’ve started on chapter 5 of the textbook, which talks about how Sociologists do research. The 8 steps of research are, in order;

Selecting a topic.

Defining the problem (what you want to learn).

Reviewing the literature (looking at previous research done).

Formulating a hypothesis.

Choosing your research method.

Collecting data

Analyzing the results

Sharing your results.


The chapter also covers the different methods of collecting data, and how to do it properly. For example, surveys. You can’t be biased, and need to select from the entirety of the group your looking for. If you want to find out what TV shows people 50+ years old are watching, you can’t just sit in the grocery store every Sunday asking people, because it’s not a sample of 50+ year olds, it’s a sample of 50+ year olds that are going to the grocery store on a Sunday.


You also have to avoid biasing questions. “Do you like potato bread or wheat bread more?” is a relatively fair question. “Do you like clean potato bread or moldy stale wheat bread” is very biased.


It can be hard to tell, I know.

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