Post 36: October 3rd, 2016

New week, new lesson plan, let’s do this!

First up, Don Quixote! What a crazy old guy. Delusional, violent, and very much a romantic. Here’s the gist of the first three chapters: Don Quixote wasn’t always known as that, and instead was a more or less normal old guy that was obsessed with stories of knights and knaves, dragons and princesses. So he assembled a suit of armor, a lance, and set out to go be a knight, considering a pretty girl in a nearby town his princess that he would fight evil in the name of.

He comes across an Inn that he sees as a palace, sees the women outside as lovely maidens, and the owner, humoring Don Quixote and wanting him to go away after he attacks 2 townspeople, makes him a knight and sends him away.

It’s interesting to read, if a little difficult in parts due to the flowery language and the translation. Admittedly, some of it is meant to be hard to understand, like our heroes speeches about… anything really, as he’s attempting to imitate what he’s read in books. Which is really hard to understand.


I also figured out what I’ll need to be doing to better fit college requirements, so as of right now, sociology and art history are on the back burner. The line up is now: Marine Biology, Language Arts, Programming/Game Design, and Algebra.


Anyways, Game design! I made a header file, and I’m using another file that my program is accessing as well. The point of those files is to make everything a little more neat and tidy, and all in all easier to read, understand, and make adjustments too. I also replaced instances in the code without “std::” before certain commands, and I made it so that the program no longer uses the standard (std) category automatically.

I also made it so that it’s in the beginning stages of counting how many times you’ve guessed, and the plan is to have it so that it only increases guesses based on if you made a valid guess. If you’re trying to guess a 4 letter word, and you guess “bridge” it shouldn’t count.

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