Post 37: October 4th, 2016

First up, marine biology. I learned some interesting things today, like some more on the history of ocean studies, and the history of the oceans and earth. One thing that my current textbook stresses is that to properly understand the ocean, you need to stop thinking of it as something on a map, and instead a massive body of water that is not only very wide, but also very deep. Also, sonar is really important, for both people studying the ocean and creatures that need it to navigate.


Next up, Algebra II. Covered the order of operations, rational/irrational numbers, and properties of addition and multiplication. The order of operations is best explained with PEMDAS. The order goes like this: What’s in parenthesis, then exponents, multiplication/division (from left to right) and then addition/subtraction.

Now, Rational/Irrational numbers. Before that, we need to cover Real numbers. Real numbers are any number that you can put on a number line. They have only one value, and one point on the number line. They aren’t variable. Rational and Irrational numbers further divide things.

Irrational numbers are INSANE. They are kept far away from all other numbers, and there isn’t overlap between them and the rest of the real numbers. Irrational numbers have endless decimals, and never repeat like some rational numbers. The rational numbers can be expressed in fraction form. Even zero is rational. Because you can express zero as 0/1, which is a fraction.

Now, the properties of addition and multiplication.

Commutative: Order doesn’t matter. A + B = B + A. Same with multiplication.

Associative: Groups don’t matter. (A + B) + C = A + (B + C). same with multiplication.

Identity: Adding 0 or multiplying by one changes nothing. 5 + 0 is 5. 10 * 1 = 10.

Inverse: Adding the negative gets you zero. 5 + -5 = 0. multiplying by the inverse gets you one. 10 * 1/10 = 1.

Distributive: Multiplying stuff in parenthesis can be shown by multiplying everything inside the parenthesis. A(B + C) = AB + AC

All in all, not too complex. Yet.


Last, Don Quixote! Today’s chapters can be summarized as follows: Don Quixote decides to go back home in order to stock up on ointments and clean shirts to be a proper knight. On the way back, he sees a farmer beating his servant, and asks why that is. The farmer says the servant is a terrible sheepherder, while the servant says that the farmer is just calling him terrible so he doesn’t have to pay him. Don Quixote demands that the farmer pays, and he agrees. Don leaves, happy to have done a good deed, and the farmer resumes beating the kid while laughing his ass off.

Next, he meets a bunch of people and demands that they say that Dulcinea, his “princess”, I.E. the village girl he heard about, is the most beautiful woman in the world. They are confused, so he charges at them with his lance. But his trips, and one of the people beats the crap out of him, but his armor protects him for the most part.

A neighbor of his encounters him, takes him back home, puts him in his bed, and then Quixote’s niece, maid, and a curate (read: clergyman) decide to toss and burn his books on chivalry, but the curate finds that there are actually some really good books in his collection, as well as poetry, and has them set aside for protection. And so that bad passages can be removed.

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