Post 40: October 7th, 2016

The first matter of business today was Game Design. The big thing that I did today was introduce type aliases, so that my code will run properly while still being up to the unreal engine’s standards. This including replacing int with int32, and replaced string with FText.

It also has the benefit, in the case of FText, with making things shorter. As I’m no longer automatically using spaces, I had to put std::string each time instead of just string. It’s a lot simpler now.


Next, Algebra. The big take away from today was the properties of equality. Lots of properties in algebra, from my experience. So, these properties are:

  • Reflexive: A = A, a number is equal to itself. 10 = 10, 14 = 14, 16 = 16. If the Reflexive property ever stops working, check to see if physics still functions properly. If it doesn’t, please get somebody to help.
  • Symmetric: It doesn’t matter what order you put the equals sign in. A + B = C is also equal to C = A + B.
  • Transitive: If something is equal to two other things, than those two things are also equal to each other. if A = B, and B = C, then A = C.
  • Substitution: If two things are equal, you can use them in place of the other. if A + B = C, you can also just say that C = C.


And now, on to Economics! The big lesson of the day was that of trade offs and opportunity costs.

Trade offs are the alternate choices for things we do. Instead of eating a sandwich for lunch, you could have a bowl of soup. Or, perhaps, a nice casserole. I’m kind of hungry, in case you couldn’t tell.

There are also opportunity costs. Opportunity costs are related to trade offs, in that they are the next best alternative. Say that you decide to eat a delightful plate of lasagna. But because you had that plate of lasagna, you don’t get to have a sandwich.


Well, I mean, you could, but that might give you a stomach ache.

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