Post 53: October 28th, 2016 – Double Post

So, it seems I let yesterday go by without an update, but to be honest it wasn’t the most exciting day. An Algebra lesson about graphing, and how the solution to a system of equations is one that satisfies all equations, and different terminology. Quick rundown: A Consistent system has 1+ solutions. An independent is just 1, while a dependent is infinite solutions. Then, an inconsistent system has 0 equations.

I also did an economics lesson, which boiled down to: different factors affect demand, including substitution (people will buy more of a cheap alternative than one expensive thing), changes in demand (T-shirts become a social faux pas, so people don’t want them), and consumer income (people can’t spend money they don’t have. They can, but it’s a bad idea.).

Also, game design. What I did yesterday was I made it so that I have a new data type, std::map, which is being defined as TMap under unreal’s coding standards. I’ve also begun implementing the check to make sure the word is an isogram, along with having written a function to use. It just needs some proper implementation.


Now, on to what I did today. First was economics, which covered elasticity. Basically, there are 3 kinds of demand. Elastic demand, inelastic demand, and unit elastic demand. They can be summed up as follows:

  • Elastic demand: The lower the price gets, the greater the increase in demand.
  • Inelastic demand: The lower the price gets, the smaller the increase in demand.
  • Unit Elastic demand: The lower the price gets, the demand gets higher in proportion to it, which balances things out at the same total expenditure as before.

There are a lot more factors that affect demand, but that’s the general idea.


After that, I read some more Don Quixote, which can be summed up as follows: Don Quixote decides that acting like a madman is a splendid idea, and decides to do that so that his lady knows how much he loves her. Like he wasn’t insane already. Sancho agrees to take a letter to her, but is first forced to bear witness to a “madness” so that he has proof. He also gets Don Quixote to write him a message so that he can get more donkeys, due to his last one being stolen.


Lastly, Marine Biology, of which today’s chapter was very long. The big ideas can be summed up as follows:

  • Light is important for photosynthesis, but it doesn’t penetrate well into ocean water. Because of this, photosynthetic pigments are super important in the ocean.
  • Marine producers rely a lot on ocean currents and mixing in order to get nutrients.
  • Herbivores absolutely slaughter phytoplankton populations, so they reproduce in a bunch of separate chunks and quite rapidly.

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