Post 69: November 21st – 23rd – Week Post

So, This thanksgiving week wasn’t too eventful, the big highlight being that I focused entirely on programming with some help from my uncle, who is involved with the industry.

So, with his help on a couple of things, and a couple of items/websites, I’ve automated my life a bit. I can turn my lights on and off through Amazon Alexa and a smart plug, I can tell alexa to start playing songs on my phone or call it with IFTTT (If This Then That, a web service), and with IFTTT I’ve made it so that it texts my phone whenever there is a new post on a subreddit I frequent.

Apart from that, there was some wrestling with tech support for an issue that ended up fixing itself, messing around with IFTTT so I have an alarm that plays a certain song, and having Thanksgiving with my relatives, and spending time with them. Nothing too special.

Author: Carl Hall

Brick and mortar school, cyber school, and now home school

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