Post 75: December 8th, 2016

First order of the business today was Algebra. I learned about factoring polynomials. Alright, so you know how you fact whole numbers with prime numbers? Well, polynomials can be factored with other polynomials. Any polynomials that can’t be factored are called prime polynomials. Also, the key for this; Look for the greatest common factor, just like normal factoring!

Next up, programming! I Continued with the khan academy hour of code, and today I did the hour of web design and coding with html, and it was rather helpful. I’ve done a web design course in the past, and this made for a good refresher on the subject. When I did web design however, I remember Italics and Bold being different, being <i></i> and <b></b> instead of <em></em> and <strong></strong>, respectively. Perhaps they’re just slightly different.

Lastly, Economics. I learned about federal, state, and local revenue services! Basically, more about taxes! Income taxes, corporate income taxes, the payroll withholding system (which takes a portion of your paycheck), customs duties (charges on good brought in from other countries), a lot of stuff!

There are also utility revenues, basically the costs people pay towards water/electric/telecommunications companies, which are counted as sources of revenue for local governments.

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