Post 94: January 13th, 2017

First order of business today was Marine Biology. I learned about senses in marine vertebrates, and how they differ from our senses. Here’s a quick summary:

Most marine vertebrates have the same senses we do, but their importance differs. Visibility is bad in water, but sound travels well for example. They also have some senses we don’t have, like electroreception. It allows them to detect bio-electric fields.


Next up, Economics! I learned about business cycles. Super exciting stuff. Anyways, there’s this thing called a trend line, which is approximately the way the economy will grow. In reality, the growth of the economy is a cycle of recessions and expansions that more or less match the trend line, with occasional depressions. Another factor of economic growth is innovation. Sometimes, there will be an innovation that makes something in some way better, like the assembly line. A business that innovates gets an edge on it’s competitors.


Lastly, English. I finished with the article about the nature of reality. Highlights from the last part include one person’s interpretation that what experience isn’t reality. What we experience is how our senses interpret reality, and how our brain interprets our senses. Additionally, there are two realities. How we experience it, and the general consensus of what reality is.

I also looked into Immanuel Kant, a german philosopher that had an interesting idea. To him, the mind creates our experience, and space and time are forms of our understanding. However, the world in-itself is independent of our concepts.

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