Post 112: February 9th, 2017

First order of business today was Algebra. I learned about Operations on functions. So, you let f(x) and g(x) be any two functions. You can then add, subtract, multiply, or divide using certain formulas.

  • Addition: (f + g)(x) = (f)x + g(x)
  • Subtraction: (f – g)(x) = f(x) – g(x)
  • Multiplication: (f * g)(x) = f(x) * g(x)
  • Division: (f/g)(x) = f(x)/g(x), g(x) /= 0


Next up, Economics. I learned about foreign exchange and trade deficits. Also, when you think about it, exchanging currency is basically selling money in order to buy money. Also, a good thing to note, the world monetary system has flexible exchange rates, also known as floating exchange rates. This means that supply and demand establish the value of a country’s currency compared to another country’s currency. It balances out, because imports lower the value of currency, while exports increase the value of currency.


Lastly, Programming. I learned about RS-485, a standard for defining electrical characteristics in drivers and receivers. It’s actually used a lot, from automation, to performance venues and even in some model railways.

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