Post 115: February 14th, 2017

For order of business today was Algebra. I learned about square root functions and inequalities. If a function contains a square root of a variable, it’s a square root function. The inverse of a quadratic function is a square root function only if the range is restricted to non-negative numbers.

A square root inequality is an inequality involving square roots. That’s it. It’s pretty simple.


Next up, Economics. I learned about achieving economic development. One of the ways that this is accomplished in some countries is through micro-loans, where there are small unsecured loans so people can buy things to improve their quality of life, and begin projects to produce revenue. Some international groups are also focused on economic development, for example the IDA makes soft loans that might never be paid back in order to stimulate economic growth.


Finally, Programming. I learned about the SPI Bus today, or the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus. It’s a communication standard for short distance communication, and was invented by Motorola before becoming an industry standard. Also, apparently they’re used in some clocks, in order for communication across different parts.

Author: Carl Hall

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