Post 118: February 17th, 2017

First order of business today was Marine Biology. I learned about environmental pollutants, and how estuaries can be affected a lot by pollution. Since water tends to circle in an estuary, pollutants get trapped and build up over time. There are also some pollutants that might seem benign, like agricultural fertilizers, but can actually be dangerous. For example, they can spark phytoplankton blooms which end up robbing the estuary of oxygen.


Next up, Economics. I learned about the characteristics and trends of globalization. One of the major characteristics is the emergence of multinational corporations, which essentially the same product/brand in different countries. Global production is also common, where products may be made in multiple countries and sold in completely different ones.

There are also trends such as interdependence between nations, and a lot of economic integration around the world.


Lastly, English. Continued with Buddhism, learned about the more liberal branch, the Mahayana School. It emerged later than the other, between the first century BC and the first century AD. The texts of the school claim to be a recollection of early speeches of the Buddha, revealed after his death because the world would not be able to understand them. The writings contradict some of the conservative doctrines of the Theravada school as well.

Ultimate reality in the Mahayana School is an ultimate truth, called the truth of emptiness that is a quality attached to any physical, mental, or doctrinal concept.

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