Post 122: February 24th, 2017

First order of business today was Marine Biology. I started learning about Coastal cities, and some of the characteristics of the sea floor. So, for starters, the composition of the sea floor is determined by the items that it accumulates, be it plankton, wastes, or detritus. It’s also determined by the activities of organisms that live in or on the sea floor, and in some cases, the strength of waves and currents. Fun fact, a lot of marine animals live in close association with the sea floor, so it makes sense that they have an impact on the composition.


Next up, English. I learned about Taoism,  founded by Lao Tse in the sixth century BC. Taoism states that there is an impersonal ultimate reality that is both the creator principle and the eternal truth of the universe. The Tao is the immutable and unchanging principle that is the basis of multiplicity and the impulse that generates all forms of life.


And finally, economics! Today we have… um… wait. Looks like it’s just the reference section.

We’re done economics! Well. Wasn’t expecting that. Somebody get some confetti! Because soon… we’ll be going back to sociology.

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