Post 130: March 9th, 2017

First order of business today was Algebra. I learned about adding and subtracting rational expressions. Basic summary of it, you need to find the least common multiple of both, and then work with that.


Next up, Sociology. I learned about leadership. Something I found pretty interesting from it was that there are two different types of leaders. The instrumental leader is the one that keeps the group focused, while the expressive leader is the one that keeps morale up.


Finally, Programming. I learned about BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy. Basically, network technology meant to function more or less the same as Bluetooth, but consume less energy. Something interesting I learned was that a “mesh” effect was able to be done with BLE, where you could do a lot of stuff with one command. For example, turning all the lights off in a building with your phone.

Author: Carl Hall

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