Post 131: March 10th, 2017

First order of business today was Marine Biology. I finished with the big lesson on intertidal communities, finally. I learned something interesting about oil spills, that in some cases, when cleaning up beaches some methods can be more harmful than other methods, with plants and animals taking a longer time to recover.


Next up, English. I learned about ultimate reality in Islam. Basically, Allah is presented as an eternal being, transcendent and almighty. Something kind of interesting is that the triune God of Christianity is considered a heresy, as in Islam Allah is a singular being, no questions.


Finally, Sociology. I learned about how groups can affect people’s behavior. Experiments have been done, that when a group agrees on a false conclusion, an individual can change the responses they would give in order to match the group’s consensus. A third of the people in the experiment’s original run gave incorrect answers that matched the group half the time.

Author: Carl Hall

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