Post 135: March 16th, 2017

First order of business today was Algebra. I learned about classes of functions. So, some of the different kinds of special functions I’ve been studying are constant functions, direct variation functions, identity function, greatest integer functions, absolute value functions, quadratic functions, square root functions, rational functions, and inverse variation functions.

It’s a big list.


Next up, Sociology. I learned about the rationalization of society. Basically, how society evolved to it’s present state, and it actually looked at it from an economic perspective. With the rise of capitalism, a lot of changes came along with it. People are hired to do work, production relationships are based on contracts, and so on. Karl Marx noticed that traditional business practices were gotten rid of in favor of rational, capitalist ideas.


Finally, Programming. I looked at one of the career and technical student organizations at Georgia College, the Association for Information Systems, or AIS. They actually do some cool stuff, like get students more up to date with the ability to use some tech, and meet with recruiters for jobs and such.


And now, a little notice. There won’t be any new posts tomorrow, or next week. I will return the following week however. That is all.

Author: Carl Hall

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