Post 136: March 27th, 2017

And we’re back! My spring break trip was fun, got to see DC, spend some time with family, go on a little road trip. All in all, in a good time. Now, back to schoolwork.


First order of business today was Algebra. I learned about solving rational equations and inequalities. So, a rational equation is, in general, any equation that contains one or more rational expressions. Inequalities that contain one or more rational expressions are rational inequalities. As for solving the two, it can be somewhat complicated, but you generally start with one thing: Any values that make the denominator zero, you can safely exclude.


Next up, Marine Biology. I finished the lesson on coral reefs. What I find interesting is just how big they can be. They’re actually big enough that wave force, water depth, and even temperature can vary quite a bit between different parts of the reef, which can affect what animals live where.


Finally, English. I started looking at reality in fiction, and found an interesting essay on a Sherlock Holmes pastiche. The Seven-per-cent Solution has a foreword, which essentially states that it is an unpublished manuscript of Watson’s, presenting him, and all other characters by extension, as real people.

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