Post 137: March 28th, 2017

First order of business today, Algebra. I learned about exponential functions. So, in an exponential function, the base is a constant and the exponent is a variable. There are also exponential equations, which are equations where the variables occur as exponents.


Next up, Programming. I looked at the usage of an LED circuit in some Internet of Things scenarios. For example, you could have a circuit that turns on a light if a signal stops being transmitted. For example, you could have a little, battery powered fan that you want to keep on. If you somehow hooked it up to the internet of things, you could have a light go on if the fan ever goes off.


Finally, Sociology. I learned about bureaucracies, and something I find interesting called the Peter Principle. It’s not true in most cases, but it basically states that people in an organization are promoted based on competence. If they do their job well, they are promoted and given a different job. The problem there, however, lies in the idea that they will continue to be promoted until they are incompetent at their job. Thus, leaving an possibly useful worker in a position where they can’t do much.

Author: Carl Hall

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