Post 138: March 29th, 2017

First order of business today was Marine Biology. I learned about coral reef fishes. Interesting, somewhat scary thing, reefs worldwide have a lot of sharks. All the way from nurses to tigers, and even reef sharks. Who would’ve expected reef sharks to live in reefs?


Next, Programming! I looked at how to calculate the electric current draw. To do so, you use the formula P = V * I, where P is power, V is voltage, and I is current.

To find the current, you just divide power by voltage.


Finally, English. I looked at part of a rather long essay on the psychology of immersion in video games, and took notes. I’ll be looking at the rest of it in the future, but what I’ve read so far is interesting. For example, what people think of as being immersed is called spacial presence to be strict, wherein you begin thinking in the context of the world. For example, taking a carriage instead of using a menu to get somewhere.

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