Post 140: March 31st, 2017

First order of business today was Marine Biology. I learned about pelagic inhabitants, animals that live in the pelagic division. Interesting thing about them, there are two major groups. Zooplankton and Nekton.


Next up, Sociology. I learned about corporations, and something kind of interesting. A lot of the time, there are self-fulfilling stereotypes. People they expect to succeed are given more work and chances to do so, while people they expect to fail are given less duties and little chance to prove themselves. So only the people they think will succeed can really succeed.


Finally, English. I continued with the stuff on the psychology of immersion in video games, and learned that there are 4 big parts to the richness of the experience. First, you’ve got multiple channels of sensory information. For example, a bird flies overhead and makes a noise as it does so. Second, you have completeness of sensory information, which means that there are less gaps for you to stumble over mentally. For example, you see non player characters going through their day to day routine. Next you have cognitively demanding environments, or worlds that demand attention so that you don’t notice flaws.

Finally, you have the game’s story. Like a book, a game’s story can suck you in and make the world more believable and realistic too you, while also tying up mental resources so that you don’t notice flaws.

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