Post 7: August 17th, 2016

First order of business, Art History. I’ve started watching a series of videos, still in the Khan Academy course, about different ways to understand art. One such way is to constantly ask question about the art, like “Well why is x doing this?”, or “why did the author draw x like this?”.

Second up, Oceanography. Still the same course, this time I learned about technology used by oceanographers and marine biologists, and ocean circulation.

The two highlights of this that I learned:

A: Tracking tags are really, really useful, since it allows you to track an animal’s exact position, including depth, and including places that people might not be able to go.

B: Dissolved carbon doesn’t change water enough to really affect water currents.

Part 3, Sociology. Learned about the different kinds of culture, like material culture and non-material culture. Material culture is the physical stuff, like utensils or weapons (note: some overlap may exist), while non-material culture is the symbols and gestures and language. Like waving at somebody, or just talking.

Lastly, more Monkey. It’s still good and entertaining, although I’m finding myself a little concerned with the afterlife. I mean, it practically has a revolving door. Last 4 chapters, 4 people have come back to life after dying. It’s a little bit concerning, to be frank. But hey, you know what? The journey is actually starting! Woohoo!

Post 6: August 16th, 2016

First order of business: Oceanography! A bit delayed, due to having to restart my computer a couple of times, one from slowdown and the other from updates… but it was informative, once I got to it. Iron and carbon are important in the ocean. That’s the jist of it.

Next up: Art History: I did more than I usually do, on account of wanting to finish the current section, and I covered a bunch of stuff, including baroque, rococo, the nineteenth and 20th centuries, and contemporary art. In other words, modern day art! Pretty cool so far, the section I finished was actually really good, and kept my attention the whole way through.

Lastly, sociology. I finally reached the end of chapter 1, after what felt like forever. Binged the last pages of the introduction, and now I hope I’ll be able to get into more specific stuff. I don’t mind an overview of information, but unless you do it in short bursts like I was doing previously, it jumps around a lot.

Post 5: August 15th, 2016

Well, the weekend is over so it was back to school once again. Kicked this week off in a good way though.


The first order of business was oceanography. Learned about why some people decide to pursue oceanography, and primary producers in the ocean. Odd that they produce half of the oxygen… when the ocean covers a lot more than half the earth.


Secondly, Art History. Learned about Medieval, Byzantine, and Renaissance. The khan academy course is very entertaining so far, and very informative. Odd that they decided “You know  what sucks? Art. Lets destroy all art, except a couple stuff. That stuff is okay, and copies are okay, but NOTHING ELSE.”

And then somebody later decided “You know what? That’s a terrible idea!” and they stopped doing that.


Next up, a return to sociology. Continuing to be a good textbook, and has a lot of anecdotes and writings from sociologists sprinkled throughout. Just in the boxes that textbooks always seem to use, and they’ve been useful, gets me thinking about stuff.


And lastly, Monkey. We have passed the prologue, and are now into what seems to be the post-prologue prologue. The aforementioned and kind of formerly titular journey to the west has been brought up, and they’re trying to get that whole thing going. We’ve met the characters that will the assist the main person going on the journey. They can be summed up as follows.


Sandy: “I made a mess in heaven, and got banished to earth. Can I have some mercy so I don’t have to be stuck here? I’ll help with the guy going west.”

Kuan-Yin, The Bodhisattva: “Yeah, sure. Repent and help him. Later. We’ve got at least another chapter until the journey gets started.”


Pigsy: “I made a big mess in heaven, got banished to earth, died, and accidentally reincarnated into a pig’s womb, but I’m not a pig. So now I’m a freakish pig monster. Mercy, maybe?”

Kuan-Yin: “Well, sure. Just don’t eat people anymore, and help the traveler.”


Monkey: “Hey there. I’m kinda trapped under this mountain, caused I caused a really, really big mess in heaven. It’s really annoying. Can you let me go?”

Kuan-Yin: “And Why exactly should I let you go, pray tell?”

Monkey: “Because I’m not a bad guy anymore.”

Kuan-Yin: “You know what? Fine. You’re just gonna have to help a guy going west, he’ll get you out of jail, but you have to help him. And it’s gonna be a really, really long trip. Like, long enough to still be really long even when you cut out most of it.

Monkey: “Pfft. How long could it take?”

Post 4: August 12th, 2016

Today’s first thing was art history. Continuing with the khan academy course and briefly looking over the glossary section. Mostly because it is a glossary of terms discussed, and I’d probably forget the terms by the time I reach what they’re talking about. I continue onto the next section, however, and learned about Egyptian art, as well as Greek and Roman art.


The second thing was oceanography, and I finished the first part of that course. The final assessment wasn’t too difficult, although I did spend a while studying and reviewing for it. Old habits die hard, I guess.


Third was monkey, and I have reached the end of the prologue. Pretty good so far, and can be summed up as follows:

Basically everybody: “Have monkey executed!”

Monkey then proceeds to not die. A lot. Stabbing, fire, lightning, nothing.

Lao Tzu then proceeds to stick monkey in a crucible to melt him to death.

It doesn’t work, needless to say. Although it would have been an impressive way to go out, like a terminator.

Monkey gets out of the crucible after a very, very long time, and causes another ruckus in heaven. And then the Buddha shows up, makes a bet with monkey, and the Buddha wins. Monkey is a sore loser, however, so the Buddha traps him under a mountain. That he makes out of his fingers. And then further seals it so that he can breathe, eat, and drink, but can’t stick head or hand out of it. The end.




Of part 1.


And, I read through a little bit of two math books. Trying to figure out what I’m going to do for math this year, although one of them seems to be asking to be kicked out. Test on the first page, I swear…

Post 3: August 11th, 2016

The first order of business today was oceanography. Continued with the course, learned about Antarctic ecosystems and kelp forests. Interesting that Antarctica just has one consistent current going around it, and that sea urchins are apparently the size of dinner plates.


I would not advise eating off of them.


Unless you’re eating foods off a stick, or roasting marshmallows over a fire, maybe it’ll work.

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Post 2: August 10th, 2016

Post number 2, go!

Read more of “Monkey”. It can be summarized as follows.

Monkey: “Hey, give me something.”

Sea Dragon: “Sure, how about this?”

Monkey: “Nah, that sucks.”

Sea Dragon: “How about this then?”

Monkey: “Naaaaaaah.”

Sea Dragon: “Alright, then what about this?”

Monkey: “Perfect!”

Sea Dragon: “Good. Now will you please leave me alone?”

Monkey: “No. Give me clothes, or I’ll hit you with the thing you just gave me.

Sea Dragon: “Whyyyyyyyyyy-”


Read more of the sociology text book. Still interesting, odd to find out that Karl Marx said that he wasn’t a Marxist after hearing people talk about it.


Started an art history course on Khan Academy. Just the basics, but it’s been pretty informative so far. I like it a lot, and I highly recommend it if you have interest and free time. Check it out Here.


I’ve continued with the marine biology course. Food webs, and key species that tie everything together. Key species basically function on the principle of “A, B, and C only eat D. D eats E, F, and G, which are producers. if D goes away, A, B, and C are so picky (sarcasm, sarcasm) that they would rather starve than eat their greens.

Post 1: August 9th, 2016

Here’s post Number 1 for the blog. Today. I did stuff. The end.


In all seriousness, I did do a decent amount today. I updated the blog a bit, changed a few things around, formatting a such, and I also properly got started on my schoolwork.


The first big thing, aside from the blog updates, was beginning to read “Monkey”, the information for which is on my Language Arts page. It’s good and entertaining so far, and shows no signs of stopping that streak. I also find it interesting, in the different characters that are presented. Monkey is very entertaining, as is the patriarch. I found their dynamic interesting, while it lasted.


The second thing was that I began an online marine biology course. It’s decent so far, with videos and 1 question pop quizzes. Doesn’t bore me to death like some things in the past have, and I know more than I did previously. Here’s a link to it, if anyone is interested.


And lastly, sociology. With a hand-me-down textbook at my side, it’s proven to be interesting enough. The parts where it’s been highlighted in the past are useful for keeping track of my spot on the page, and I like how it mentions the different parts of anthropology, like artifacts, those being the tools, weapons, and other physical items of a culture.