Post 3: August 11th, 2016

The first order of business today was oceanography. Continued with the course, learned about Antarctic ecosystems and kelp forests. Interesting that Antarctica just has one consistent current going around it, and that sea urchins are apparently the size of dinner plates.


I would not advise eating off of them.


Unless you’re eating foods off a stick, or roasting marshmallows over a fire, maybe it’ll work.

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Post 2: August 10th, 2016

Post number 2, go!

Read more of “Monkey”. It can be summarized as follows.

Monkey: “Hey, give me something.”

Sea Dragon: “Sure, how about this?”

Monkey: “Nah, that sucks.”

Sea Dragon: “How about this then?”

Monkey: “Naaaaaaah.”

Sea Dragon: “Alright, then what about this?”

Monkey: “Perfect!”

Sea Dragon: “Good. Now will you please leave me alone?”

Monkey: “No. Give me clothes, or I’ll hit you with the thing you just gave me.

Sea Dragon: “Whyyyyyyyyyy-”


Read more of the sociology text book. Still interesting, odd to find out that Karl Marx said that he wasn’t a Marxist after hearing people talk about it.


Started an art history course on Khan Academy. Just the basics, but it’s been pretty informative so far. I like it a lot, and I highly recommend it if you have interest and free time. Check it out Here.


I’ve continued with the marine biology course. Food webs, and key species that tie everything together. Key species basically function on the principle of “A, B, and C only eat D. D eats E, F, and G, which are producers. if D goes away, A, B, and C are so picky (sarcasm, sarcasm) that they would rather starve than eat their greens.

Post 1: August 9th, 2016

Here’s post Number 1 for the blog. Today. I did stuff. The end.


In all seriousness, I did do a decent amount today. I updated the blog a bit, changed a few things around, formatting a such, and I also properly got started on my schoolwork.


The first big thing, aside from the blog updates, was beginning to read “Monkey”, the information for which is on my Language Arts page. It’s good and entertaining so far, and shows no signs of stopping that streak. I also find it interesting, in the different characters that are presented. Monkey is very entertaining, as is the patriarch. I found their dynamic interesting, while it lasted.


The second thing was that I began an online marine biology course. It’s decent so far, with videos and 1 question pop quizzes. Doesn’t bore me to death like some things in the past have, and I know more than I did previously. Here’s a link to it, if anyone is interested.


And lastly, sociology. With a hand-me-down textbook at my side, it’s proven to be interesting enough. The parts where it’s been highlighted in the past are useful for keeping track of my spot on the page, and I like how it mentions the different parts of anthropology, like artifacts, those being the tools, weapons, and other physical items of a culture.